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IT Support

Our full support solution for your team, tools, devices, network infrastructure, and cyber security.

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Taking Care of your technology, So You can take care of your business

Our holistic IT support solution covers your whole IT environment, giving you a one-stop-shop for all-things IT. Dedicated to your success and making technology work for your people, you can count on our team to deliver digital excellence, delivered with a personal touch.

Fast And Empowering IT Support

Fast and reliable tech is the cornerstone for keeping efficient operations in your business. When your IT tools are fast, reliable and convenient to use, your people are empowered to do their best work.

Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Protecting your business and your customers' data is non-negotiable for businesses that want to grow, protect their reputation and operate undisrupted in today's digital world.

Unleash The Power Of The Cloud

For many businesses, the cloud is a gateway to lower costs, integrated digital tools, scalability, and cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning. We take care of cloud infrastructure and management for our clients.

Consulting and Planning Support

Getting the best from technology in today's world takes more than just helpdesk support! By having access to dedicated experts for your questions and concerns, you can navigate the technology landscape and get the best from what it has to offer to your business.

Real Relationships, Dedicated Service

We don’t do transactional IT, we build genuine and dedicated relationships that empower commercial success through people-focused outcomes. Ready to see the difference that this can make for your business?

Your All-In-One IT Support Solution

From supporting your people and dedicated consultancy, to proactive support and maintenance for your network, devices and infrastructure, we take care of your tech, so that you can take care of your business.

Rapid response Helpdesk Support

You can turn to us for help with any tech issues that arise and needs that you come across. Your team will love working with ours, and not just because they are fast responders and great problem solvers!

Managed Infrastructure & Cloud

Whether its your network, cloud hosting, or devices, you can trust our team to keep your IT environment working securely at its best, while keeping it aligned with your operational needs and strategic goals.

Data Protection and Backups

Losses of data and systems can bring a business to its knees. As part of our IT support, we implement robust cybersecurity tools and backup your data and systems regularly to secure locations. If your data is ever lost, you'll be able to restore it rapidly and reliably.

Planning & Advice

Our IT support also helps you to get ahead by looking forward! You'll have expert advisors on hand to help you to find, design and implement technology such as AI to streamline, empower and secure your business to succeed in our digital age.

Comprehensive IT Support

Alongside a dedicated support team, we use advanced tools that optimize and ensure security in your business in real time. These tools use automations and algorithms that keep your devices, network and infrastructure secure from security threats and anomalies, while configuring them to keep working at their best. With real time intelligent technology on your side, we help you to squeeze the best value from your IT at all times.

AI solutions
Cyber Key

Custom Built IT Solutions

We take a cybersecurity-first approach to everything that we do and offer a full solution that keeps your data, devices, network and infrastructure secure from today's cyber threats. We start the initial process by taking a deep security audit of our client's IT environment to find the vulnerabilities and gaps to immediately address for them.

Tailored to your business, our cybersecurity solutions include network monitoring and intrusion detection systems, endpoint protection solutions, regular data backups, robust access controls, email protection and user awareness training, penetration testing to simulate threats, and much more.

cloud computing

Whether you need support with managing, securing and optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure, or want to validate and seize opportunities to implement it in your business, we can help. Cloud hosting enables many businesses to tap into lower costs, greater scalability, more integrability of their systems and apps, and easier management of their servers.

We're experts in making cloud environments yield the biggest bang for their buck, delivering superior performance such as speeds and cost-efficient use of computing resources, and ensuring your cloud infrastructure scales in harmony with demand in your business.

IT Disaster


Let us ensure your business stays on the road, no matter the weather! For each of our clients, we prioritise the continuity solutions that help them to stay up and running. By backing up your data and systems regularly, they can be restored quickly if there is a malfunction or cyber incident.

By creating backup systems for any technical issues in your infrastructure, we ensure that if one part of it does not work as it should, there are backup resources in place that can step in to keep your frontline IT running smoothly. We can also help you to ensure business continuity by enabling remote working capabilities that align with your compliance requirements and cybersecurity best practices.

Rapid Response time

We address your computer problems or (in more complicated cases) get back to you within 30 minutes, and offer on-site support within 1 hour, always guaranteed. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we walk the talk when we say that we're only satisfied, when you are!

Rapid IT Staff
Planning Meeting

expert advice & planning

We're not the type to offer pre-determined solutions or to jump into recklessly making changes in your IT environment. We get to know your IT and your business deeply, understand how it works, what your constraints and goals are, and from there, we use our expertise to help you to plan your IT to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way.

With Gradient, empowering guidance and support for all-things tech is always just a call away. We don't just talk, we help you to create robust and realistic plans and help you to practically implement them.

How Can We Help?

Every business faces their own unique tech challenges, we're here to listen and help. Book a 1:1 meeting with us today, we'd love to meet you, explore your tech challenges with you, and help you to an empowering and clear way forward, with no geek-speak!